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About Us

    The Oceanic Literature Research Institute (OLRI) of Anhui University was founded in 1979, and luckily became the very first institute to focus on the field of literature studies covering most areas of the Oceania- Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. The members of OLRI are mainly the teachers from the School of Foreign Studies of Anhui University and their graduate students conducting research in the Oceanic literature.

    Academic Outcome

    The Oceanic Literature Research Institute, characterized by literature research,has engaged on various academic activities in an effort to promote the cultural exchange between China and Oceania. In 1981, under the leadership of Professor Ma Zuyi, the founder of the OLRI, the institute published Collection of Oceanic literature with the translation and introduction of literature works from different countries or regions of the Oceania. By 2008, Collection of Oceanic literature has issued around 20 volumes, which pioneers the field of Oceania research in China and contributes greatly to the development of Oceanic literature research as well. In 2014, Collection of Oceanic literature was renamed as Oceanic Literary Studies and officially resumed its publication, and it gradually becomes an important platform for the academic exchange of oceanic literature research in China. In addition, the members of the OLRI have published numerous papers, monographs and translations on the area of Oceanic literature. The representative published monographs are The History of South Pacific Literature, The Selected Reading of Oceanic literature, Oceanic Literature Studies in the Twentieth Century and so on, and the translations include For the Term of His Natural Life and Watchtowers etc.

    Exchange Activities

    Since 1979, the Institute has maintained close contact with the domestic and foreign Australian research institutions via regular academic exchange activities. In 2002, the Institute successfully hosted the Eighth International Symposium on Australian Studies, which not only enhanced the influence of the OLRI, but also effectively promoted the development of Australian research in China. Moreover, the Institute actively cooperates with universities, institutions and organizations of Australia, New Zealand and those countries from the South Pacific islands, supporting the students and teachers to visit the schools in the Oceania and inviting the scholars from the Oceania to teach or give lectures.