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2017Work Conference of Oceanic Literature Research Editorial Board

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      The 2017 Work Conferenceof Oceanic Literature Research Editorial Board, organized by Oceanic Literature Research Institute of AnhuiUniversity, formally opened at 9:00 in Room C403, Humanities Building on 21stOctober. Attendees at the Studies, Anhui University, Zhu Handong, President ofChina Literature and Art Publishing Houseconference are Prof. Zhang Zhidong, DeputyDirector of Department of Liberal Arts in Anhui University, Prof. Zhu Yue, Deanof the School of Foreign , Prof. Wu Huaidong, Dean of CollegeOf Liberal Arts,Anhui University and Editor-in-chief of Journal of Anhui University: Philosophy and Social Sciences, Prof. WangLabao of Suzhou University, the Vice President of Australian Research Instituteof China, Prof. Chen Hong, the Vice President of Australian Research Instituteof China and the director of the Australian Studies Centre and the New ZealandStudies Centre in East China Normal University, Prof. Zhang Ming, the ex-Directorof Oceanic Literature Research Institute, Anhui University and Prof. WangXiaoling, Prof. Hu Jian and Prof. Zhan Quanwang, the Vice Deans of the Schoolof Foreign Studies and as well as all the members of Oceanic LiteratureResearch Institute.

      Associate Prof. Zhan Chunjuan,the Director of Oceanic Literature Research Institute, hosted the openingceremony, at which Prof. Zhang Zhidong, Prof. Zhu Yue, President Zhu Handong andProf. Chen Hong respectively made an opening address. After the openingceremony, Prof. Zhu Yue issued the letters of appointment for the editors of OceanicLiterature Research and a group photo was taken.


     At 10:00, the Work Conference began and Lecturer Zhu Yunyi madea work report on the first 3 issues of OceanicLiterature Research published from 2014-2016 from four perspectivesincluding achievements, measures to increase influence, problems and the futuredevelopment. After the report, Prof. Wu Huaidong proposed his suggestions onthe future development of the journal. Prof. Wu Huaidong indicated that compared with British and literature,Oceanic literature is a niche literature, which has its advantages anddisadvantages and should edge its way to find a moreconspicuous place on the stage of world literature. So it’s quiteimportant to find a platform and focus on the hot topics to expand itsinfluence.

     After Prof. Wu Huaidong’s speech, Prof. Wang Labao,Prof. Chen Hong and Prof. Zhang Zhidong respectively offered pertinent andconstructive suggestions and guidance for the development of the journal.

    After the publication of the three issues, thejournal is now reaching its turning point. With the suggestions gathered at theconference, the guidance from the experts and professor as well as the effortsof the members of the Institute, we are confident to say Oceanic Literature Research will overcome the problems and have abright future.