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Members of OLRI Attending the 16th International Conference of Australian Studies in China

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      On June21-23, 2018, Associate Prof. Zhan Chunjuan, theDean of Oceanic Literature Research Institute and Lecturer Song Xiaorong were invited to the 16th International Conference of Australian Studies in China held at Beijing Foreign Studies University and gave an address .

         Since its founding in 1988, the Chinese Association for Australian Studies has been committed to promoting Australian studies and strengthening the mutual understanding between Australia and China.And the international academic conference of Australian Studies is held every two years. This conference, themed “Australia in the Changing World” was jointly hosted by the Australian Studies Centres at Beijing Foreign Studies University and Inner Mongolia Normal University.

    Prof.Sun Youzhong, President of the Chinese Association for  Australian Studies and Vice-principal of Beijing Foreign Studies University, Prof.Chen Hong of East China Normal University, Deputy President of the Chinese Association for Australian Studies, Gerald Thomson, Deputy Ambassador of Australian Embassy in China, Wang Yuzhu, General Secretary of the Asia Pacific Society of China and Shirley Leitch, Vice-principal of Australian National Universityattended and spoke at the opening ceremony.

The Conference coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Chinese Association for Australian Studies(CAAS )and the 40th anniversary of the Australia-China Council (ACC).The Organizing Committee specially invited Prof. Hu Wenzhong (the first from the left), Prof. Du Ruiqing (the second from the left), Prof. Hu Zhuanglin (the third from the left), Prof. Wang Guofu (the second from the right), Prof. Yang Chaoguang (the first from the right) among the seniors of the Nine Persons of the Australian studies to attend the opening ceremony of the conference, share our story and recall the experiences of studying in Australia and establishing the Australian Research Institute.Their pioneering and cultivation in the cultural exchanges between China and Australia are the pride and model of the Australian researchers.

    The Chinese and Australian experts and scholars attending the conference conducted in-depth discussions and research on Australia’s politics, economy, culture, education, literature, language, history, art, and new media and so on.ZhanChunjuan,theDean of Oceanic Literature Research Institute hosted the Literature sub-forum on the afternoon of June 22. In the concurrent sub-forum, Lecturer Song Xiaorong gave a speech titled as From Alienation to Fusion: the Development of Oz Lit Research in China (1978-2018Interpreted from Li Yao's Translations.