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Hu Jian

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  Professor and Deputy Dean

  School of Foreign Studies, Anhui University

  Tel. 86-551-63861390

  Fax: 86-551-63861387

  Educational Background:

  Ph.D candidate, English Language and Literature, Sept. 1999Jan. 2003, Fudan University, China.

  Graduate majoring in English Language and Literature, Sept. 1996Jul. 1999, Anhui University, China.

  Undergraduate majoring in English, Sept. 1989-Jul. 1993, Anhui University, China.

  Teaching Experiences:

  1993-1998, Teaching Assistant, Department of Foreign Languages, Anhui University

  1998-2002, Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages, Anhui University.

  2002-2012, Associate professor, School of Foreign Studies, Anhui University.

  2012-      Professor, School of Foreign Studies, Anhui University.

  Courses offered:

  English Writing (for undergraduates)

  Integrated English (for undergraduates)

  Spoken English (for undergraduates)

  English Listening (for undergraduates)

  English-Chinese/C-E Translation (for undergraduates)

  English-Chinese/C-E Interpretation (for undergraduates)

  English Reading (for undergraduates)

  English Linguistics (for undergraduates)

  English Pragmatics (for undergraduates)

  English Lexicology (for undergraduates)

  Research Methodology (for graduates)

  Discourse Analysis (for graduates)

  Thesis Writing (for graduates)

  Administration Experiences:

  2006-   Deputy Dean, School of Foreign Studies, Anhui University.

  Academic Experiences:

  2004-2006, Postdoctoral program in Nanjing University of China>

  Standing Member of China Association for English Writing Teaching

  Standing Member of Foreign Languages Teaching Branch, Chinese Higher Education Association

  Standing Member of China Association for Cognitive Poetics

  Standing Member of Anhui Lexicographer Association

  Main Research Interests:

  Applied linguistics, esp. EFL teaching

  Cognitive linguistics

  Oceanic Literature



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  Abductive Reasoning and Speech Interpretaion

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  Chinese College Students Oral English Proficiency Development,Beijing: Foreign Languages Teaching and Research Press, 2010.

  2) As co-editor:

  A Dictionary of English Proverbs (with Bilingual Annotations). Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Education Press, 2009.

  Dictionary of Usage of Current English Phrasal Verbs. Shanghai: East China University of Science and Technology Press, 2003.

  A Guide to College English Fast Reading (Volumes 1-6). Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Education Press, 2000-2002.

  3) As co-translator (from English into Chinese):

  Uncle Toms Cabin.Hefei: Anhui Literature and Art Publishing House, 1998.


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  Anhui Provincial Backups for Academic Leaders, Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Anhui Province, 2013.

  Cultivation of Three Types of English Talents, Second Prize for Teaching Achievements, Anhui Education Department, 2012.

  An Introduction to Chinese Culture, Best Course Award, Anhui Education Department, 2012.

  Development and Applications of Reda, Third Prize for Teaching Achievements, Anhui Education Department, 2010.

  To Cultivate English Majors: Guiding and Teaching Combined, First Prize for Teaching Achievements. Anhui Education Department, 2008.

  English Linguistics, Best Courses Award, Anhui Education Department, 2007.

  Young and Middle-aged Core Teacher in Institutions of Higher Education. Anhui Education Department, 2008.