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Zhu Yunyi

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  Zhu Yunyi< > got her master’s degree conferred by Anhui University in 2002 and is now a lecturer at School of Foreign Studies, Anhui University. Her major research interest is Australian literature.

Academic Achievements:

  “Child in the Dark”, Oceanic Literature, 1997
  Academic papers:
  1. “Reader’s Cognition and Emotion in Reading Activity”, Journal of Anhui University, No. 3 2002.
  2. “From Confrontation to Unity---On the Opposites in David Malouf’s Fiction”, Journal of Anhui Agricultural University, Vol.3, 2002.
  3. “Keeping Away From Alienation, Searching for the Lost Self---On the Theme in David Malouf’s Early Fiction” , Contemporary Foreign Literature, Vol.3, 2003.
  4. “Judith Wright and Her Poetry”, A Study of Oceanic Literature in the Twentieth Century, 2008.
  5. “An Exploration of Mary Gilmore’s Concept of Marriage Reflected in ‘Eve-song’ and Other Poems” The World Literature Criticism, No. 2, Nov. 2012.
  6. “On the Bianry Approach in David Malouf’s Fiction”? The Eighth International Conference of Australian Studies in China, Hefei, November, 2002.
  7. “Identity: Lost and Regained---An Exploration into David Malouf’s An Imaginary Life” ?The Ninth International Conference of Australian Studies in China, Xuzhou, November, 2004.

  8.“On Winton’s Ecological Vision in Shallows The Thirteenth International Conference of Australian Studies in China, Chengdu, July, 2012.

Research Projects:

  “A Study of Contemporary Australian Poetry, 2004.
  “A Research of Contemporary Australian Fiction---From the Pespective of Ecocriticism, 2012.
  “Contemporary Australian Eco-literature”, ACC Competetive Project, 2012.

Academic Exchange:

  She visited the Univesity of Queensland during July and August of 2012 on ACC Competitive Project:
  “Contemorary Australian Eco-literature”.