Confucius Institutes


Confucius Institute is a Sino-foreign non-profitable education institute, which is dedicated to adapting to the demands of internationals to learn Chinese, promoting internationals’ understanding of Chinese language and culture, strengthening exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries and regions, developing the friendly relationship between China and foreign countries, promoting the multi-cultural development of the world, and constructing a harmonious world.

Confucius Institute carries out exchanges and cooperation between China and foreign countries in Chinese language teaching, Sino-foreign education and culture. It offers such services as conducting Chinese language teaching, training Chinese language teachers and providing Chinese language teaching resources; carrying out Chinese language examinations and TCSL; providing information of China’s education and culture; and carrying out Sino-foreign language cultural exchange activities.   

Till December 1, 2015, 500 Confucius institutes and 1000 Confucius classes had been established in 134 countries and regions. Nowadays, Anhui University has set up three Confucius institutes, which are respectively located in University of Santo Tomas, Haerkof State University and Baku National University. With the support of Confucius Institute Headquarters/Office of Chinese Language Council International, the three Confucius institutes enjoy healthy development and remarkable achievements.