Research Highlights

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Based on “The state and local united engineering lab of high energy saving motor and control technology” and “The collaborative innovation center of industrial electricity and electric energy quality control”, Anhui University has promoted the project “driving motors of new energy source automobiles”, which is co-worked with enterprises. 

 “The interferential xxx system”, carried out by research team of “photoelectric sensing” of School of Physics and Materials Science, has been recommended to apply for the second place in The State Technological Invention Award, 2017 by the Ministry of Public Security.

The research and development of “Waterborne polyurethane materials” and its industrialization, carried out by School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, won the championship of Provincial Sci-tech Advancement Award in 2013 and 2016. 

The research team of School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering carried out the research of nucleoside medicine. Through the original purification method, they realized the industrialization of syntheticβ-thymidine technique, with 70 million annual output value. 

With the improvement of “The monitoring and total management system of grain information IOT based on cloud computing” of School of Electronics and Information Engineering, the products have been sold to 33 provinces and cities in China and more than 30 foreign countries. 

“Mine eco environment comprehensive treatment techniques”, carried out by School of Resources and Environmental Engineering, have been applied in 25 projects in Huainan-Huaibei mining area and Tongling mining area, with an area of 1066333 acres. The newly increased output value amounts to 140 million yuan. 

The research team of “Chaohu water harnessing” of School of Resources and Environmental Engineering has finished a national key project entitled “River bypass multistage artificial wetland purification system”, which becomes a model project that serves the local area. 

The industrialization of enzyme engineering, carried out by School of Life Sciences, has made new progress. A series of enzyme products and functional foods have been made and sold.


The research teams of different features are making great contributions to the development of Anhui province.