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Academic Report of Dr. Xiao-Wei Xu

  date:2019-11-19  hits:10



Title: New area-minimizing Lawson-Ossermann cones

LecturerXiao-Wei XuUniversity of Science and Technology of China


Time 16:00-17:00, December 22 (Friday), 2019


Venue: H401, Qingyuan Campus of Anhui University


AbstractIn this talk, I will introduce three types of Lawson-Osserman cones. They are compositions of a Hopf fibration and standard isometric minimal immersions of degree two. By using Lawlor's criterion, we show that they are area-minimizing. In particular, two undetermined minimal cones given in [LO77] will be shown area-minimizing. This is a joint work with Ling Yang and Yongsheng Zhang.



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