Anhui University was founded in 1928 and reconstructed in Hefei in 1958, when Anhui University Library (AHUL) was established. Currently it covers an area of 64045m2, including Yifu Library (founded in August 2002,23384m2), and Wendiange Library (founded in July 2007,40661m2). The design of Yifu and Wendiange Library has adopted many modern intelligent concepts and technologies, like the advanced 6 integrated wiring system, the system of fire control, monitoring, power supply security, access control and book detection. The libraries provide open-shelf borrowing service with modern computer management. There are academic lecture halls, conference rooms, exhibition halls, compact stacks, professional reading rooms and general reading room with more than 5,400 seats. Libraries on the old and new campus are both equipped with multi-functional electronic reading rooms.

AHUL has a rich collection of books of comprehensive disciplines. At present, the total collections of Anhui University amount to about 3.54 million volumes and AHUL has a total about 2.5 million volumes, with 2.17 million Chinese and foreign paper books, 221,737 copies of Chinese and foreign newspapers and periodicals, 113,000 copies of ancient books (including a full set of The Reconstruction of Rare Books). Among the thread bound ancient Chinese books, 688 volumes 9752 items are rare copies, including some unique and the only existing copies. Besides, Complete Library in Four Branches of Literature, continuation of Complete Library in the Four Branches of Literature, Taiping Imperial Encyclopedia, Four Inventory Series Chinese, Tripitaka, and new Taisho Tripitaka have been collected as well. The library has more than 9,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign newspapers and magazines, including 670 kinds of pre-liberation newspapers and about 700 kinds of core journals. Based on the construction of the 211 Project Book and Document Guarantee System, AHUL boasts a rich and comprehensive collection of books, particularly well-known for the special collections of humanities and social sciences, ancient books, Anhui traditional culture and Anhui local literatures.

Over the past decade, AHUL has made remarkable achievements in network construction, digital literature resources collection, document types adjustment and electronic resources collections. A wide range of electronic literatures has become the main form of academic information resources and the digital information resources security system has a certain scale. Currently, the library has ordered 115 electronic literature databases (based on the number of sub-library) with 2307,400 Chinese and foreign full-text e-books, 16,000 Chinese electronic journals, about 22,900 foreign electronic journals. Among them, the large-scale databases are Elsevier SD electronic journals, Wiley journals, Springerlink, IEL, Web of Science, EBSCO, PQDT , ACS, APS, AIP, EBSCO Discovery System, CNKI, Wanfang Database , CQVIP, Superstar Digital Library, Database of Copies of Newspaper and Periodicals of Remin University of China, Database of Chinese Classic Ancient Books , China DRC Net, CSSCI, CSCD, Chinese Discovery System, CEInet Statistics Database, EPS global statistical data / analysis platform, Edu & Sun Employment Training Base, Business Digital Library and so on. In addition to the basic collection of books and journals, the library also focuses on Huizhou studies with full text and multimedia functions, the e-book collections of ancient books, the digital dissertations library of Anhui University, the collection of ancient books directory database and the CD-ROM database.

The library literature resources, which have basically covered all the disciplines of our university meet the demands of teaching and research. The digital resources, primarily the full-text databases, are open to nearly 30,000 teachers and students 24 hours a day and shared with other universities in Anhui Province. The combination of paper literature and digital literature effectively support the discipline construction, personnel training, social services, cultural heritage and innovation.

    AHUL provides a variety of services with advanced technology, namely books borrowing, information consultation, literature search, reader education, interlibrary loan, document delivery and copy. Since the implement of the 211 Project, the library has been upgraded in automation, digitalization and network construction. Miaosi Literature Management System, which integrates the collection of books and periodicals, books borrowing and retrieval, has been widely used. The database construction provides a 24-hour run of library catalog search, online renewal, online booking and other network services.

The library has 9 departments, namely Office, Acquisitions and Cataloging Department, Circulation Department, Special Collection Department, Periodical Department, Information Consultation Department, Digitalization and System Department, Development Department and Secretariat.

AHUL is a member library of the National College Library and Information Steering Committee and Library and Information Committee Secretariat of universities in Anhui Province. Based on Anhui University, Document Administration Center of Universities of Anhui Province and Humanity and Social Sciences Resource Center have carried out the following activities: 1) supervise the libraries, coordinate the business and organize academic seminars among the university libraries of Anhui Province; 2) promote the ALISA project, import a number of excellent databases, make full use of the digital resources and establish Anhui University Library Digital Resource Sharing Platform; 3) improve the professional level and service level of the staff and carry out training programs regularly; 4) publish Journal of University Library and Information Science and promote the cooperation and exchange among the university libraries of Anhui Province.


Wendiange Library (Qingyuan Campus):

Anhui University Library, 111 Jiulong Road, Hefei, Anhui, China (230601)

TEL: 0551-63861109


Yifu Library (Longhe Campus):

Anhui University Library, 3 Feixi Road, Hefei, Anhui, China (230039)

TEL: 0551-65107139