Professor Xu Zaiguo

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Xu Zaiguo, born in September 1969, in Xintai, Shandong province, received his master degree and PHD in Jilin University in 1992 and 1997 respectively, and taught in Chinese language and literature department of Shandong Normal University. Now he works in Anhui University as a professor in the school of Chinese language and literature.He is also a PhD supervisor of Paleography of Chinese Characters, a Distinguished Professor of Wanjiang Scholarof Anhui province, the ScienceandTechnologyleader of Anhui province, a leader of an academic innovation teamPaleography and Ancient Chinese Paleography, a director and deputy secretary-general of Chinese Characters Society, an executive member ofLinguistic Society of Anhui province, the secretary-general of the academic board of National Museum of Chinese Writing.

His research direction is ancient ChinesePaleography, which focuses on Chinese characters in Warring States Period and making copies of Chinese characters. He published more than 50 articles.Among them aremajor works: Compilation of Characters in Warring States Period (Lead author),Brief Textual Criticism on Guwen Characters by TurningSeal Character into Official Script, Compilation of Ancient Characters (3 Volumes), Catalogue Index of Works of Chinese Characters in Warring States Period (3 Volumes), Brief Textual Criticism of Ancient Chinese Characters Genealogy (Co-author ), Brief Textual Criticism of New Bamboo Slips of the State of Chu(Co-author ), Compilation of Characters in Laozi of Ancient Edition (Co-author ), Compilation and Interpretation of Boshu Characters of the State of Chu and so on.

He has won the second prize of the sixth Provincial Excellent Achievements in Philosophy and SocialScience of Anhui province (2003), the third prize of Social Science and Arts Award of Anhui province (2007), the first prize of Achievements in Philosophy and SocialScience of High Education (2009).

He undertook one key programs of National Social Science Foundation such as Re-arrangement and Research of Copies of Chinese Characters,Studies of Ancient Taowen Characters etc. He has another program Study of Characters in Laoziof Ancient Edition supported by Standing Committee of Collation and Study of Chinese Ancient Books. And one of concluding achievement of hisprograms Compilation of Ancient Characters sponsored by National Social Science Foundation was rated as excellent.