Professor Zhang Deyuan

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    Zhang Deyuan, born in February 1963, in Shucheng County of Anhui province, is the professor and PhD supervisor of the school of economics of Anhui University, the director of research center of three agricultural issues of China, the executive president of Collaborative Innovation Center for Rural Reform & Economic and Social Development. He is also the member of University Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, vice chairman and secretary-general of Rural Sociology Society of Anhui province, vice chairman of provincial Agricultural Economy Society, vice chairman of research center for provincial Modern Agriculture and New Countryside Construction, the editor-in-chief of Journal of Agricultural Economics. In addition, he works concurrently as policy adviser of several different government sectors, visiting professor (distinguished professor or adjunct professor) in different universities, evaluation expert of National Social Science Foundation, and evaluation expert of Social Science Foundation of Ministry of Education, the presiding Panelist of expert panel in the zone of national-level rural comprehensive reform in Suzhou area.

He mainly works on the study of agricultural economy and agricultural social issues. Since 2001, he has accomplished more than 100 articles or reports about agricultural social issues, and he has written one treatiseChange---On Agricultural Reform in Anhui Province (The press of Anhui University, 2007). He has undertaken 1 key program of National Social Science Foundation and 1 general program of National Social Science Foundation, 2 provincial-level programs and 4 overseas-authorized programs and more than 20 other programs. He has taught Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology, Advanced Mathematics, Statistics, Fundamentals of Management, and Introduction to Management Accounting and so on. In 2014, he was honored as National model teacher by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. In April 2015, he was awarded asNational Advanced Workerthe Communist Party’s Central Committee and the State Council.