Professor Hu Yan

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Hu Yan, female, born in October 1964, PhD of Economics, she is the professor and PhD supervisor of the school of economics of Anhui University. And she is also the leader of master degree program for regional economics, the principal of Collaborative Innovation Center forRegional Economyand UrbanDevelopment, the dean of Hefei Regional Economic and Urban Development Institute supported by Anhui University and the municipal people's government of Hefei City, executive director of Research Center for Socio-Economic Development of Yangtze River Delta, executive member of the Chinese Regional Economy Society and so on.

She mainly works on planning and policies of regional economy, regional collaboration, industry transfer and layout, urbanization and metropolitan economy etc. In recent years she undertook or participated in programs of Social Science Foundation(including sub-projects of  major programs of it), programs of National Development and Reform Commissionprograms of Ministry of Education and more than 10 other provincial-level programs, and she presided over several dozen studies of programs of local governments, among them, many reports were adopted by them. She published more than 40 articles in national core periodicals and nationalacademic conferences, 4 treatises on regional economy and urbanization, more 10 related research reports.