Excellence, Service and To be Distinctive for New Contribution

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At the symposium of liberal arts colleges, Kuang Guangli gives directions that we should make new contributions to the development of Anhui Province by “Striving for Excellence, Focusing on Service and Trying to be Distinctive”.

Morning, April 17th 2017, the president Kuang Guangli attended a colloquium with directors of colleges of liberal arts, key officials of scientific research platforms and representatives of faculty at Room A501, taking comments and suggestions about how to develop humanity and social science. Deputy president Cheng Yanlei chaired the colloquium.

Mr. Kuang first conveyed the gist of the speech given by the leading members of the provincial government about the hope of “Striving for Excellence, Focusing on Service and Trying to be Distinctive” for the university. He claimed that we should make efforts to serve construction of beautiful Anhui from five aspects: innovative development, harmonious development, greening development, opening development and shareable development. He pointed out that liberal arts and science is vital to   the development of modern society, and we should attach great importance to its development and construction. For the university, liberal arts and science shares a long history and cultural heritage, maintaining its comparatively importantacademic statusnationwide. For us, we should earnestly implement the spirits of the speech given by President Xi at the colloquium on nationalphilosophical and social science work, and make contributions to prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences and drive innovation so as to lead development. We should graspstrategic opportunity of the provincial government, practicing the program of comprehensive innovationandreform experiment, should strengthenoverall plans and top-level design, and strive for school-running resources, improve school conditions for cultivating first-class talents and first-class academic research. By creating a strong academic atmosphere and building high-end scientific research platform, building academic research highlands to attract more academic talents and groups, thus we can nurture more academic masters to build the university to be a double first-rate university, and then to make magnificent contributions to the development of higher education in Anhui Province.

At the meeting, the attendees offered advice and suggestions around the theme of “Striving for Excellence, Focusing on Service and Trying to Be Distinctive”, in combination with development status of colleges or departments, all these suggestions involve platform construction, talents cultivation and employment, disciplines construction, academic atmosphere, and reform of current evaluation system etc.