Research Achievements

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Since 12th five-year Plan, Anhui Universitycentered on major national and local issues, has determined its research orientation and contents, which in particular, are related to national macroeconomic policies, the comprehensive treatment to social order in coal mining land subsidence, evolution theory of Chinese Characters and its history, collection and study of history specialism’s literature records etc. Among them the most influential is related to rare records in British Museum, editing of The Annotation of Classics, biographies concerning literati in Qing dynasty, civilian stipulations and collections in ancient China, Chu Slips Studies of Anhui University etc.

So far, we have 1558 already-approved programs (humanity and social science) at all levels with total funds of 130,360,000 yuan. Among them are 8 approved major programs of Chinese Social Sciences, 7 key programs of Chinese Social Sciences. We have the first authorized grant programof National Social Science Fund in Anhui province, namely Editing andStudy of Bamboo Clips of the Warring States Period with a fund of 4,000,000 yuan, and one key authorized program of philosophy and social sciences research from Ministry of Educationwith a fund of 800,000 yuan. Furthermore, Academic Monograph Evolution Theory of Ancient Chinese Characters is chosen to be stocked in the achievements database of National Program of Philosophy and Social Science, and thereby, we landed 1 second prize, 2third prizes forexcellent achievements of scientific research of national high education issued by Ministry of Education.