Young Scholars Forum Discusses Journals Ranks and Academic Innovation

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On the afternoon of April 23, the fifthYoung Scholars Forum sponsored by Social Sciences Association of Anhui University was held at its activity room on the first floor of Wendiange Building. The theme of the forum is Journals Ranks of Humanities and Social Science and Academic Innovation, it was presided over by Wu Huaidong, the chairman (on duty) of the association, professor of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, and more than 30 scholars from schools (departments) of arts attended the forum.

Mr. Wu pointed out, behind these academic journals are scholars,learning, thinking and innovation. Innovation in thinking is vital important power for the essence of learning. For our young scholars, we should pay close attention tonational forefront issues and social issues, and consciously develop our insights. Since behind any learning is society, we should give full consideration to these macro-views and micro-views from particular instance to generalprincipleand with combination of these two, we can improve our study. We should be aware of position, division, focus and features of present journals, and then submit our articles to targeted journals. We should also focus on these famous or active scholars in related research fields,and interact with them to get help or direction, and thereby we can fully understand academic foreground to do first-class academic research. However, we have to face the reality  there is a conflict between limited journals and huge researchers. A serious academic journal with excellent quality is strictly programmed and standardized. For example, articles should be evaluated objectively by anonymous appraisal.

AT question-and-answer session, Cheng Ping, a young scholar from the school of Maxism raised a question about how to enhance the ability to access information and how to balance politicalness and theoreticalness. Mr. Wu answered, reality and our life is always far ahead of research. Outstanding scholars often sum up questions from reality, and these widespread phenomena are often academic propositions. Many times sensitiveness to reality decides ones sensitiveness to learning. For our young scholars ,we should pay more attention to hot topics in these mainstream media such as People daily, Guangming Daily etc., we should focus on mainstream voices and combine politicalness with theoreticalness, then make inductive research on these most active and realistic phenomena.

We may easily get inspiration when we are single-minded without distractions. Young scholar Zhang Min from the school of law expressed his own views about how to enhance our innovative ability and the puzzles of academic utilitarianism. For this, Mr. Wu pointed out, academic research itself would be “utilitarian” because it is beneficial to human beings and society. Excellent scholars share their own unique way to observe the world and form their own theoretic system. In addition, scholars should demonstrate their realistic care and humanist consciousness, and always aim high.