Qingyuan Academic Dialogue about Opportunity for Anhui Development under Background of B&R

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Recently Social Sciences Association of Anhui University held the second Qingyuan Academic Dialogue about international cooperation of B&R: Opportunity for Anhui Development and Its Policy Orientationat its activity room of Wendiange Building. The dialogue invited professor Wang Yiwei (from the school of International Studies, Renming University), professor Fan Hesheng(the director of Research Center for International and regional Studies and), professor Jin Zehu (from the school of economics of Anhui University), and assistant professor Wang Zezhuang(the director of Research Center for West Asian and North African Studies) to be keynote speakers


According to Professor Wang Yiwei, B&R has close relation with Chinese traditional culture and is full of Chinese charm and style. The proposal is more strategic than Yangtze River Economic Zoneand Jing-Jin-Ji Integration. He pointed out, we cannot judge a countrys development only by its GDP, but also consider its culture and its contribution of culture towards economic development. China encourages countries along B&R to have their respective dreams and follow their own development paths. Moreover, China should continue to exert its advantages by cut-through of transportation to promote development of industrial clusters, construct economic corridor along B&R, set up grand Eurasian stage of economic development, and form great pattern of world development.

Professor Fan Hesheng thought that we should take full advantage of national platforms and node cities of B&R, in Anhui province, including construction of urban agglomeration in Yangtze River Delta, core cities of Wanjiang urban belt etc.We should cultivate economic subjects and foster strategic industries, activelyintegrate into these countries along B&R and project libraries of key industries, and explore mechanism of inland opening-up.

Mr. Jin Zehu commented that we should set up platformss and take full advantage of present policy resources, think tank, and industries, learn from the experience from these famous enterprises, andimprove visibility and innovation by nationalconvention of Huizhou merchants. Meanwhile, we should lay emphasis ondistribution and cooperation, thus our government should reinforce the foundation of our economy. In the current economic boom, our industries should act asgood strategists, and enterprises should be vanguards. By means of these, we can reach regional coordination to huddle together to gain a viable foothold in the worldeconomy.

Mr. Wang Zezhuang voiced his opinion that we should focus on our enterprises, for all goals of B&R come true through enterprises. Therefore, we should effectively combine long-term planning of related authorities with temporary interest demand of enterprises. Moreover, Anhui has excellent history of business, so we need re-innovation, our officials should attach importance to it and engage in construction of B&R.

At question-and-answer session, many students asked questions actively. Some questions were just like: how to help westerners accept the idea of B&R? How to tell Chinese stories to the world? Of course, there is also no shortage of interesting questions, such as: which kind of language do you speak: English or local native language when giving speech in foreign countries? Is it useful for learningArabian because there are few people who choose to learn it? Present professors gave detailed and satisfactory answers to the students patiently, and academic atmosphere was warm and strong.