Alumni Assists the Impoverished Students in Bozhou City

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Alumni Assists the Impoverished Students in Bozhou City

On March 26,2017, alumni of Business Administration (Class 1997) came to Lixin County in Bozhou City to fulfill public service.

In order to strengthen their sense of responsibility and commitment to the society and set up higher moral standards, the alumni were accompanied by Chen Min, a local alumnus from Business Administration’93, to visit the impoverished students and their families. They not only provided financial support but also donated Chinese traditional novels to each of the students.

Chen Min says he would make full use of alumni resources and motivate more alumni to get involved in public services. He hopes the impoverished students could obtain more diversified assistance from alumni of Anhui University as well as from the whole society. Meanwhile, he encouraged the students to work hard to realize their dreams and give back to the society.

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