Annual General Meetingof Entrepreneur Alumni Held in Hefei

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Annual General Meetingof Entrepreneur Alumni Held in Hefei

On the afternoon of Jan.22,2017, the annual general meeting of entrepreneur alumni was held in Grand Hotel Overseas Traders Club. The President of the Alumni Association of Anhui University, the Vice- President and more than 90 alumni attend the meeting and it was host by Zhu Yufeng, the Secretary-general of the Alumni Association.

President Huang points out thatEntrepreneur Alumni Association of Anhui University has established a great platform for the entrepreneur alumni to communicate and exchange opinions with each other. It encourages and fosters lifelong involvement of alumni not only in the life of the university but also in the development of the society. It is not only committed to celebrating the success of the graduates but also adding value to the life of all alumni and making contribution to our country.

The director of Entrepreneur Alumni Association, Chen Youyong, summed up their achievement in the past year, which included networking with alumni, reconnecting with the University, performing public services and making effort to build resources, relationships and a reputation of excellence for the University.

During the meeting, the alumni reminisced about the wonderful time they spent in Anhui University and recalled happily all the fun and funny moments back then.

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