Marathon on Campus on New Year of 2017

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Marathon on Campus on New Year of 2017

On the first day of 2017, 2000 or more alumnigathered on campus of Qingyuan to run the marathon on campus, which was the first  marathon ever held on campus in the history of Anhui University co-sponsored by Alumni Association of the University, Alumni branch of MBA graduates and Bense tourism website.

The marathon was about 6.8 kilometers long and the runners had a great tour on campus, passing by the main avenues and academic buildings. All the finishers were awarded with a medal as an encouragement, in the middle of which was a black swan.

Zhu Yufeng, the secretary-general of Alumni Association of the University, says, We encourage all our alumni to attend such evens to reconnect with each other, to reminisce about time spent on the beautiful  Anhui University.They would try to make it an annual featured event on campus.

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