Alumni Association of Anhui University

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Alumni Association of Anhui University

Anhui University alumni contribute to Anhui Province and Chinas social and economic development with their wisdom and strength in various fields and industries. Among them are award-winning members of academies, professors of prestigious universities as well as leaders of companies in various industries. As time goes on, a growing number of alumni come to play increasingly important roles in government departments and large enterprises, or in the regional economic development.

Alumni are a great asset to Anhui UniversityTheir professional achievements and involvement in community are conducive to raise the profile and increase the presence of Anhui University regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Who We Are

The Alumni staff and the Alumni Association board of directors connect with and engage individuals who have completed a degree, diploma or certificate program at Anhui University.  Through networking and social events, there are many reasons for alumni to stay connected to Anhui University.

The Alumni Association, a non-profit charitable organization, is governed by a board of directors. The association’s mandate, then as now, is to promote the accomplishments and support the future development of Anhui University, its students and alumni. Anhui University and the Alumni Association board strive to strengthen the bond between alumni and the university and to develop programs that are meaningful and valuable for both. Each year, approximately 5,000 new graduates join our alumni family.

According to relative rules and regulations, Alumni Association of Anhui University is under the instruction and supervision of Department of Education of Anhui Province, under the instruction supervision of Department of Civil Affairs of Anhui Province.

The address of Alumni Association of Anhui University isRoom 407, Academic Center of Anhui University at Qingyuan, Hefei, Anhui Province. Postal Code is  230601

Our Mission

Building upon the proud history and tradition of Anhui University, Anhui University Alumni Association encourages and fosters lifelong involvement of alumni in the life of the university. It strives to build an involved community of graduates regionally and nationally and encourages a lifelong relationship with the university and fellow alumni. It is committed to adding value to the lives of all alumni by engaging the community of graduates and celebrating all itsalumni success throughout the country.


Alumni Association of Anhui University

 (Approved in 2008)

General laws

1. Objectives

The objectives of the Association are to:

(1) Advise the University on alumni programs and services and advise Members about programs and service offerings;

(2) Act as the voice of its Members;

(3) Support the University’s efforts to build resources, relationships and a reputation of excellence for the University; and

(4) Celebrate alumni achievements, student success and the contribution of alumni volunteers.

2. Membership

Ordinary members

 (1) Person holding a University degree certificate or diploma is an ordinary member.

 (2) Ordinary members may vote at all Association meetings.

Honorary members

(1) The Board may, by resolution, admit a person for honorary membership in recognitionof that person’s exceptional service to, affinity for, or support of the University, but theresolution of the Board is not effective until it has been confirmed by the Members at anannual general meeting.

(2) Honorary members may vote at all Association meetings, but honorary members may not vote regarding fundamental changes or dissolution.

Cessation of Membership

A person shall cease to be a Member of Alumni Association:

(1) On providing written notice of resignation to the registered office of the Association;

(2) On his or her death; or

(3) On his or her degree, diploma or certificate being revoked for cause by the University.

Reinstatement of Membership

If the University reinstates a revoked degree, diploma or certificate to a person, the Association shall reinstate the person’s membership.

3. Association Meetings

 Meetings Generally

 (1) Notice of a meeting shall indicate the time and place of the meeting and the business tobe transacted at it.

(2) An irregularity in a notice, in the giving of notice, or the non-receipt of notice by anyMember entitled to it does not invalidate anything done or passed at the meeting.

 (3) The Chair may only vote in order to resolve a tie.

 Annual General Meeting

(1) An annual general meeting shall be held at such time and place as theBoard may determine.

(2) The Executive Director shall ensure that notice of an annual general meeting is providedto Members ahead of the meeting.

(3) The Association may publish a notice stating that the financial statements and theauditor’s report are available at the registered office and that any Member may obtaina free copy on paper or in electronic format by making a request to the registeredoffice of the Association.

(4) The Board shall determine the order of business at an annual general meeting prior tothe opening of the meeting.

 Special Meetings

 (1) The Board may call a special meeting.

(2) Voting Members may direct the Board to call a special meeting by filing with theExecutive Director a written request signed by at least one percent of the VotingMembers and setting out the reasons for the meeting and the business to betransacted at it.

4. Boardof Directors

 Board of Directors

(1) Any Member is eligible to become a director, provided that he or she is qualified to be.

(2) Each of the directors shall be elected by the Voting Members at the annual generalmeeting based on the results from a call for nominations from the Members.

(3) At the first Board meeting following the annual general meeting, the Board shallappoint a President and Vice-President from among the Directors.

 The Board shall:

(1) determine policy required to meet the Association’s objectives;

(2) report to members those transactions that are outside of the approved budget;

(3) delegate responsibility to Committees to meet specific objectives of the Association;

(4) at each annual general meeting, report fully to the members on the business transacted since the previous annual general meeting; and


 The President shall:

(1) chair all Association meetings and Board Meetings; and

(2) be the official spokesperson of the Association.


 The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, fulfill the President’s duties.

 Board Meetings

(1) The Board shall met at least once a year;

 (2) A majority of the voting Board members constitutes a quorum.

Board of Directors

Executive members:

President:Huang Dekuang

Vice-president:Du XiannengYang JiaqinFu HaianLu Xiangdong

 Xu JirongLi YingjiYang MingYang Geng

 Zhang FengShao LongheGao HongPei Lei

Secretary-General: Zhu Yufeng

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